What to Expect from Your Photo Session

I like to have fun in my photo sessions. I love to capture images of the family having a good time. If we are at an outdoor location, I like to start off chatting and letting the kids run around and have fun. Then I’ll take some candid photos of them having a good time. Usually, the children are then enamored with the camera and I can get the family together for some shots. And I love it when the family comes up with ideas they’d like to try for the photos. You may want to consider telling your children that you are going someplace to have fun, rather than telling them they are going to have their pictures taken. With the former, they arrive excited and I can get some great natural expressions. When children are told they are going to have their photos taken, they often arrive nervous and give "cheesey" smiles.

The sessions typically last 1-2 hours. I take a lot of pictures during that time period. After the session, I select the best photos (typically 15-40 photos, depending on the goals of the photo session) and spend time enhancing each of those photos in post-processing. This typically takes about 4-6 weeks. But I will post sneak peek images on Facebook in the meantime so you can get a flavor of the photos to come. When all the photos are ready, I will post them online and send you an e-mail letting you know that your photos are ready. You can order the photos or other photo products (like albums and gallery wraps) online.

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Session

1. Comfortable Clothes You Like. Each member of the family should wear something that they like and are comfortable wearing. We want the photo session to be enjoyable, and if someone is dressed in clothes they hate, they are going to be unhappy about the session before they even arrive.

2. Coordinate. Choose coordinating clothing. The outfits do not have to be matching or like uniforms, but they should look good together. You could pick several different colors, and have each member of the family wear these colors. For example, each member of the family wears clothes with the colors blue, cream, beige, and maroon. Someone could be wearing jeans and a blue and white shirt, another could be wearing a maroon and cream dress, someone else wears khakis with a navy polo, someone else could be wearing a jean skirt with a white top and a maroon sweater. Another example could be each member of the family wearing jeans with shirts or sweaters in colors in a coordinating palette or bright primary colors.

3. Avoid “Busy” Clothes. For the family photos, avoid clothes with extreme patterns and words. If one or more members of the family have something they would love to have a picture in (like a favorite t-shirt with writing or a patterned dress), feel free to bring these clothes along and we can shoot some separate photos in the special attire. BUT… if someone has a really great piece of clothing with a pattern and everyone else can wear clothes without patterns in coordinating colors, that could look great!

4. Flatter Yourself. Select clothes in colors and styles that flatter you. If you just don’t like the way you look in jeans, don’t wear jeans for your photo. If blue brings out the color of your eyes, wear a sweater that is blue. Think about what makes each member of the family look good and reflects who they are at this moment in time.

5. Sleeves Work Best. Most people look better in photographs if they are wearing shirts with sleeves. (But if you have well-defined arms and want to show them off, go for it!)

6. Dress for Fun! Pick clothes that you can move around in and have fun. My photos are not stiffly posed pictures. I love to take photos in natural outdoor settings and capture the family having fun together. Make sure you choose clothes that do not inhibit the fun-factor!